Fibre Ranger

Referencia: AFSOPTFR
Modelo: OPT-FR

The Fibre Ranger offers the latest in OTDR testing technology in an easy to use portable and rugged handheld package. With the simple touch of a button, measure the distance of a singlemode fibre link and locate any potentially problematic reflective and non-reflective (loss) incidents. In seconds the Fibre Ranger will accurately locate severe bends, breaks, high-loss splices and high-loss connector interfaces. With no complex data to interpret, on-screen analysis is straightforward allowing for rapid problem identification.

Optronics Fibre Ranger OPT-FR
Optronics Fibre Ranger Complete Test Kit OPT-FR-KiT

 Fibre Ranger Complete Test Kit

Order the OPT-FR-KIT and get everything you need to test, troubleshoot, inspect and clean your singlemode fibre link in one package.                     

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